Tania’s Top Pic -October

Welcome to our Home! 

The first thing your guests see when they walk up your pathway is your front entry door! Sometimes this ‘small’  detail can get missed.

When designing the front facade for your home, don’t forget that the entry to your beautiful home needs to be stylish, yet warm and inviting for anyone who may walk into your space.   With so many affordable and over the top options available to us these days, you will be sure to find something that just perfect for your design , budget and taste.

Incorporating natural light as well as privacy is something to discuss when selecting a front entry door also. Will you require a glazed door?, feature glazing?, sidelight? , clear or frosted glass….so many options!!

Also remembering that this is also a feature on the inside of your home , and quite often located in the main passage way visible from your open plan living area.

Custom Doors and  joinery doors are a running current trend , from aluminum, glass, timber , illuminated doors , Axolotl Metal, stainless steel doors……  take your pick!

Here are a few of my favorites which have been used on a few of our projects and a few spectacular designs that I would love to use on upcoming projects.