Terms and Conditions*

    • All Add-A-Room our way ‘pre-designed’ (attached and detached) models exclude site installation costs for utility services, demolition of existing structures, access to building area and roof connection which will be quoted separately for each model.
    • All Add-A-Room our way ‘pre-designed’ (attached and detached) quoted prices are based on the specification level stated for each room and built in the Adelaide metropolitan suburbs only.
    • All Add-A-Room our way footings stated in the quoted price shall be concrete raft with a100mm slab floor and 450x300mm footing beams. Reinforcing steel will be 1 layer of SL 72 fabric to the floor slab and 3xN12 bars top and bottom to the beams.
    • All Add-A-Room our way ‘pre-designed ’ (attached and detached) models are subject to your local Council consenting to build the extension/room on your land without any conditions.
    • Adelaide Home Improvements reserves the right to change the ‘pre-designed’ Add-A-Room our way attached and detached solutions and prices from time to time and without notice.

March 2017

An Important Announcement

We’re still Open for Business, the same as we’ve been for 40+ years!   

During this COVID 19 disruption, Adelaide Home Improvements are committed to doing all that we can to reduce the risk of the coronavirus entering or being passed on within our community which includes your home, our office/home gallery and our employees and sub-contractors/suppliers.

If you are self-isolating and maybe thinking about a renovation and/or extension project after the coronavirus restrictions have ended, NOW is the time to get started, because it can take many months to complete a design and obtain Council Approvals.

We’re here to help you now, so a quick chat today could crystalize your thoughts on space /cost issues and for a NO CHARGE consultation.

And by the way, today’s technologies allow us to stay in our office and you STAY AT HOME!

Ross Lang

Managing Director