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Renovations Brochure

We expect that you will have many questions about the building process and we are happy to answer them all for you. Our team will ensure you are well informed and comfortable with the whole process. You will be in good hands. Never be concerned about raising questions or asking for clarification. We are here to assist you, and hope you will enjoy the excitement generated once your project is underway.

  • What disruptions can I expect?

    Tradespeople will not be at your home every day as many elements are constructed off-site. If your renovation is a major project you may consider moving out for a period of time for safety reasons as your home will become a building site, but this is different for every project. Sometimes you may need to move vehicles or briefly park off-site.

  • What about the neighbors?

    We can advise your nearest neighbours that a building project is about to commence via notes in letterboxes, but it’s a good idea to consult neighbours if your project interferes with your common boundaries.

  • What else will I need to be aware of?

    If you are unfamiliar with any terms in your building contract, or wish to query the event of variances to the original scheduled building please ask. Regarding insurance, new building works will be insured by us but you may need to enquire about cover for the rest of your home with your current insurer. You may have questions along the way concerning trades and construction, so please direct these to your allocated Building Supervisor, who is your on-site liaison.